David Lawhorn

As  speaker and  Elite Performance Strategist, David Lawhorn has an appeal that transcends age, race, culture and occupation. David is recognized as the authority in "Core Dynamics" (his signature program that immerses attendees in next level Personal Foundation building and Elite Performance Strategies). David is the product of an amazing life story, overcoming what would have been life ending obstacles for most, then going on to have a phenomenal career in sales and marketing.

An incredible thing happened in the midst of those herculean life challenges. Instead of allowing those circumstances to be an excuse and settling for average, David instead committed himself to studying the super elite across the globe. That quest lead to his unraveling on how top performers battled, overcame, and transcended from average to live lives most only dream of. David then went on to set national sales records that today still stand. Looking for his next challenge, he became a Corporate Trainer. It was here, while creating teams that also set national records, that David made the decision to live his purpose...that become your go to authority ensuring that you live your absolute best on every level, that you have the strategies to build and navigate so that you don't just live your surpass them and in the process, Walk Like A Giant.


  • NSA (National Speaker’s Association) member.
  • Two Time Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) - DTM is the highest designation you can receive as a Toastmaster. It signifies that you have mastered communication and leadership skill sets at a high level. Only 0.4% of Toastmasters ever achieve this designation.
  • International Speech Contest winner at multiple levels.
  • Corporate Award of Excellence recipient. This award given to extraordinary results in training and sales.
  • National Sales Records for multiple Fortune 500 companies.
  • Sales Records at every level- Retail / Inside Sales / Outside Sales.