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    The issue with focus is that for every minute you you attempt to be fully present, within that minute are distractions working to shift that focus elsewhere. There you have the difference in mindset and results in most that allow distractions to kill drive and distort results and champions who allow nothing to distract or shift focus from the goal at hand. That absolute iron willed level focus is the stuff of legend and is the elixir that will transform your life.

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    Show me a Corporation, a team, or an individual who has a thriving culture, that is a high performance, who is breaking records while making it look easy and I will show you a corporation, a team, or individual that has a firm grasp on and an extraordinary understanding of their Priorities. There is so much on the average person’s plate. So much clambering for our attention and the one thing that each of those things has in common is that they each scream “NOW”. To develop the ability to know where to place your attention, efforts and energy are to go straight into the 10% of those on the planet that really have a chance to live and perform on a level that most will only dream of. That is the power of PRIORITIZING!

    Championship performance!

    Championship Performance…Who doesn’t want to perform on a championship level? We all do right! We are all competitive, and especially In life, we love to win! Championship Performance is that level of mastering your craft that we see ourselves attaining in our dreams. The road, the process, the pain, sacrifice, and tears between your dreams and you living that dream is what will ultimately have you consistently performing like a champion!

    championship execution!

    Championship Execution…When you think of execution think of your favorite singer. The song is the performance. How well they sing that song hitting high notes and other dynamics that make that performance incredible comes down to execution. Championship Execution is when you understand how to execute at an insane level that allows you to consistently hit the dynamics that make a performance legendary.

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