We all say we want to operate and live at an elite level. To truly do so, to stop looking at your dreams and finally start living them you will need to have in place the game-changer that separates legends from wannabes…FOUNDATION

David and his team  created and custom designed each session, with the excitement, fun challenges, education and instruction needed to give you the EXTRAORDINARY FOUNDATION that allow you EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS! Sessions are driven  so that you and your teams are immersed in an environment designed with the CORE DYNAMICS needed for you, your teams and your company to not settle, but instead SURPASS.

The 3 Core Pillars

Of the Elite Performance – Maximum Productivity Factory

Focused Sessions

Each session is value rich content, fully interactive and will challenge you like never before. I take you to new depths allowing for extraordinary new highs. I have dedicated my life to the mission of your living an extraordinary life. I eat, sleep and breathe the strategies, concepts and thought processes that allow you in every facet of your existence to evolve and grab the incredible life that awaits you!


The way you see opportunities and solutions will determine if you simply exist or absolutely thrive! In this EP~MP Factory session, David will immerse each participant in a 1, 2 or 3 day session that will provide the skill set and thought processes allowing those that attend the ability to stop looking at their best life and start living it!


Clarity is seeing the room in ways others just can’t. Focus is your ability to block everything other than the steps needed to reach your end goal like very few can. Having either sets you apart. To posses both makes you a GIANT. In this EP~MP Factory session David will give you the power to change any area and make any goal possible.


This session is special! Every EP-MP Factory session IS special, but this session is extra special! It is designed for that person or group that understands that they are almost close they can touch the dream and want to make sure they don’t just grab it. They want to own it! This is the session that will push you, challenge you, and touch your core. No part of you will come away untouched.


The difference between contenders and champions, runner up and winner, between living average or Walking Like A Giant is mindset! In this intense EP-MP Factory session of 1, 2 or 3 days, David will have you understand the psychology of and embracing the instant result oriented techniques geared to alter forever how you utilize the raw power and potential of your mindset!


You change, you evolve or you die! This simplistic concept has crippled and brought to a halt more empires and crushed more dreams than any one dynamic ever! David dedicates a portion of every session to is that critical a dynamic. In his signature EP~MP Factory session, he provides value rich content to have you break the resistance of change and live your best life!

Next Level Living

Each of us crave our version of the dream life for those we love, for ourselves and for causes we adopt. This EP~MP Factory session, like no other, will work to have you walking away with one dynamic and the strategies surrounding it so that you have no choice but to live your version of your next level!